About Bridgaard!

What is Bridgaard?

Bridgaard is a new gig night in Bridlington, starting in March 2012, focusing on Folk, Viking, Celtic and Power Metal. Bridgaard will take place at Shades Night Club, which is located on Queens Square.

Entry fee is £4.00 but there is a reduced fee of £3.50 for those that are wearing Viking helmets.
Age limit: TBC.
There is also an after show club that is strictly 18+.

Why is there a blog for Bridgaard if it's just an event?

This is to keep people up-to-date concerning line-up changes, latest news and so forth. the blog will also be used to help gain exposure for Folk/Viking/Celtic/Power Metal bands around the UK and possibly the world.

However, we do have a Facebook page as well for Bridgaard, in which people can partake in discussions and so forth.

How often will Bridgaard happen?

At the moment, we're aiming for it to be a quarterly (every three months) event.

Who do I contact for more details or to enquire about playing at Bridgaard?

You can e-mail the team at: bridgaard@gmail.com